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Alexander's Space Story

As quick as a flash they were at beautiful but dangerous space and they started floating to the moon. On the way, they saw Hamza the astronaut practising marching, because in one week there was going to be a school parade about soldiers.
Ben and Emma crept up to Hamza and scared him. Hamza went tumbling down the moon. So as quick as a flash, Ben and Emma floated as quickly as they could to catch Hamza.
As Ben and Emma caught sight of Hamza they saw Hamza travelling to the sun at high speed. He was like a comet going to bump into the sun. As Hamza started to get closer to the sun he started to get really hot!
Ben and Emma caught Hamza by the leg. Then all of a them were flying to the sun! But just then, a friendly alien came and sucked them up. They were safe! But just as they were meeting each other they heard a noise, so all of them pushed the door that said: 'Entry'.
They pushed and pushed but just then they heard a beep, so Ben forced himself and ran to the machine. Ben knew what it was, it was a timer! It was going to explode in 3… 2… 1… but when they reached two they jumped out of the circular flying saucer just in time.
They bounced on hard, uncomfortable comets until they landed on the moon. After a few minutes the alien made a mysterious dimension and told Ben and Emma to walk through it.
A little while later they were back in front of the door. Soon enough, they were at space and told the alien they left their dog somewhere, so the alien promised to help them find their dog. Ben said that they should split up so Ben took the left, Emma took the right and the alien took a straight line.
Meanwhile, Emma and Ben's dog was on an alien spaceship. Just then Ben explained what happened so the alien let their dog free and the alien opened a mysterious dimension. Ben, Emma and the dog stepped into the dimension and they were back in front of the door. All of them said they should go home so the headed back home.

by Alexander Chan Krinickas
Whittingham Primary Academy, London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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