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Romani-Rose's Pirate Story

... an old wooden boat tied with a piece of string floating in the deep blue sea. The children got in and started rowing towards a desert island. They noticed something sparkling in the distance.
'What could it be?' they gasped.
As they got to the island, they realised it was covered in treasure and gold. Emma and Ben couldn't believe it.
'What a mysterious place this is,' they said.
'This island is now called Emma Island and I will be the queen,' shouted Emma, while standing on a rock and placing the crown on her head. Her loud voice made a coconut fall off the tree and hit Ben on the head.
'Oh no!' said Ben. 'What's that?'
Suddenly, a pirate ship appeared out of nowhere and a tall, hairy pirate came bounding off it.
'I see you have found our secret hideout? Well done, I am Captain Seaweed and this island belongs to me.'
He took the children onto his ship. The children's little dog knew the pirate wasn't to be trusted. He wouldn't stop barking.
'You're very clever to have found our hidden treasure, but you won't live to tell the tale,' yelled Captain Seaweed.
'Walk the plank!' ordered the pirates.
Ben walked first. Luckily, he could swim, unlike Emma. He jumped in with confidence, but when it was Emma's turn, she cried, 'Me and my dog can't swim you meanies.'
As she held her breath and jumped, two friendly dolphins came.
'Please take us back to the magic door,' the children begged.
As if by magic, the children were back in the park walking their dog. Next to the magic door, there were gifts and a note: 'Thanks for coming to play with us. Come back anytime! From the pirates'.

by Romani-Rose August
Button Lane Primary School, Manchester

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.