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Scarlett's Jungle Story

... a green jungle with big and small animals. Emma, Ben and the dog saw some long leafy green vines, so they were swinging to get to another vine.
When they jumped off the long leafy vines they saw an enormous green snake that was looking at them with his big beady red eyes. 
The enormous green snake was chasing them and it was getting closer to them but they kept on going.
On their way they saw a giant yellow lion.
They were frightened at the beginning but the lion wasn't bad, he was kind and he helped them get away from the mean, evil snake.
The lion said, 'You can go on my back.' So they did and luckily they managed to escape from the rude snake as the lion ran so fast.
The lion made Emma and Ben and the brown dog leave the jungle safely. They were happy because they got home.
They learnt that lions can be friendly and kind.

by Scarlett Awad
Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School

Competition - My First Story 2017

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