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Trot On!

Step on into Dreamland
As the clouds whizz by
And you can do anything
Apart from fly!
You see long tracks to walk on,
All footpaths and bridleways,
Until suddenly you see a
Pony lost in a maze!
'What are you doing here pony,
At this time of day?'
'Oh please, can you help me?
I have lost my way!'
'Come with me,'
I said, hoping he would follow.
We walked and walked and walked
Until we saw a tree that was hollow!

We stepped inside and there was
A large pile of hay.
'Oh goodie!' he said,
Happily munching away.
Suddenly a man appeared,
All red in the face and flustered..
'Oh there you are, Ali,
Come back and join the herd!'
I began to walk back,
All confused and dazed,
Until suddenly I saw it,
Another pony in the maze!

by Emily Bushby
Pittington Primary School, Durham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.