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Human Scars

The monkeys swung around the trees,
In tune to the rhythm of the buzzing bees,
Who collected their nectar from the towering plants,
Who bowed their heads in nature's dance,
Well at least that's how it used to be,
Every animal full of joy,
That was how it used to be,
Till we heard it, 'Land ahoy',
And the humans with their weapons and ships,
Who boarded our welcoming shore,
Who left a trail of destruction in their wake,
Who devastated all they saw,
The birds shot,
The deer stabbed,
Left to rot in the boiling sand,
For these evil things had set the jungle alight,
Creatures burning, every creature in sight,
And the fiery wave which tore its way,
Through the trees and the nests to the birds' dismay,
Who had their own lives to save,
Who fluttered and darted to the nearby cave,
And suddenly we heard a roar,
Which echoed the jungle,
Which scared the humans for sure,
And out he came running with the wind in his face,
Running and running at a blistering pace,
And there he stood, Musa the Great,
The fiercest tiger with a frightening weight,
Who ran at the humans, who tore them apart,
Who bit at their necks and bit at their hearts,
All the men ran and ran bar one,
Who lifted his rucksack and took out a gun,
And raised it threateningly high,
And took a shot at Musa's eye,
And Musa, oh Musa, with blood pouring out,
Ran at the man and screamed a loud shout,
And that was the end of the chaotic scene,
The fire was out and the jungle was clean,
The monkeys swung around the trees,
In tune to the rhythm of the buzzing bees,
And all were happy and full of cheer,
Except one animal who lived in fear,
And no one ever spoke his name,
Though his iconic face brought mountains of fame,
For on that face there laid a scar,
Seen in his dreams and seen in the stars,
This scar which meant a massive deal,
A reminder of humans and the things they steal,
The threat that humans inevitably pose,
The mark they left which will always be shown,
Humans, oh humans, and their greed for gems,
But we're going to have to learn to live with them.

by Zackariya Shamroukh (12)
Colfes School, London

Competition - Busta Rhyme

Copyright remains with the author.