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The Great Fire Adventure

They opened the door and it took them to... the Great Fire of London! They recognised it straight away because they were on Pudding Lane!
They saw someone wearing very posh clothes and running out of the house, it was Thomas Farriner. They saw that his house was burning, and it just spread to the next building.
'We've got to help you,' cried Ben.
'Yeah,' cried Emma.
'If you want to help, get a leather bucket,' replied Thomas.
'What, a leather bucket?' asked Ben.
'Yes,' said Thomas.
When everyone stopped talking they each got a leather bucket and sprinted to the River Thames and filled the buckets up with water and ran back to stop the horrendous fire.
'I'm getting tired of this!' said Ben breathlessly.
'We've still got three more days to go,' cried Emma.
'We can't stop now!'
'What?' asked Thomas,
'Nothing,' replied Emma.
'How did you know that?' asked Ben.
'We're learning about it in school,' replied Emma. (Emma and Ben are in different classes).
The wind was getting stronger by the minute, and the fire was spreading to the Tower of London!
Emma and Ben saw people blowing up houses to stop it reaching the Tower. As the houses were falling around them they saw someone burying his cheese and wine so they wanted to ask him a question because they hadn't eaten for days.
'Please kind Sir!' they wailed. 'We're starving.'
'Please what kind Sir?' replied Samuel Pepys.
'He's Samuel Pepys!' whispered Ben to Emma.
'We just wanted to ask if we could have a little bit of your cheese and wine,' said Emma.
'Of course you can!' replied Samuel Pepys.
As they went inside Mr Pepys' house they wanted to take something else with them home. As they opened a cupboard door they saw it was the magic door! So with the cheese and wine, they set off home to meet their dog who was left behind, because they thought he might get get lost in the fire maze.
The next morning Emma and Ben secretly had Samuel Pepys' cheese and wine for breakfast!

by Larissa Brice-Takacs
South Farnham School, Farnham

Competition - My First Story 2017

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