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Greedy Goblin Catastrophe!

One bright day, Ethan and Lydia were walking their puppy, Nini, when she started to bark at a castle door. Ethan and Lydia were curious children and loved exploring so they went down the path and into the door. On the other side they didn't find themselves in a castle, instead, they were in Fairy Land!
They saw a fairy on a toadstool, she looked very glum so they went over and she said her name was Celia. She explained that a disgusting, warty goblin was not letting them have any sweets.
Lydia asked him why he wasn't letting the fairies have any sweets.
'Cos they're mine!' said the goblin.
'But they're not yours!' said Ethan.
The goblin took them to his house and guess what... it was made of sweets! Nini started to lick a candy cane! Every time the goblin looked at his home he felt very sorry for the fairies.
So to make up for what he'd done he had a big party for everyone, even the fairies! From that day on the goblin shared his sweets with the fairies and any visitors.
Lydia and Ethan brought home some presents and cakes, meanwhile Nini ran off hoping to find another adventure.
The end... or maybe it's just the beginning.

by Rosa Midori Stranger-Jones
Holmleigh Primary School, London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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