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The Jungle Adventure

One lunchtime, Emma and Ben found a door and opened it and they turned into cheetahs. They were fluffy, fierce cheetahs. The cheetahs were the fastest in the world.
The cheetahs lived in a jungle which was dark and quiet. The cheetahs could see other animals and they weren't nice. Then a big noise from the big blue sky and the green trees frightened them.
In the middle of the jungle the cheetahs got surrounded by tigers and there was nowhere to go. The tigers wanted to eat the cheetahs. The tigers got even closer.
When the tigers got even closer a big green crocodile came and snapped at the tigers. The cheetahs and the crocodile snapped the tigers until there was a space. 
Two hours later the crocodile and the cheetahs made a space in the tigers and their mouths were tired.
The crocodile and the cheetahs went to a big, busy beach with blue water and yellow sand. Emma got a seat and relaxed and Ben was playing with his new friend.
Emma and Ben said to the crocodile and the cheetahs, 'Do you want to be our friends?'
'Yes,' said the crocodile and the cheetahs and the crocodile lived happily ever after.

by Jacob Coleman-Matthews
Paston Ridings Primary School, Peterborough

Competition - My First Story 2017

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