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Hugh's Jungle Story

... a jungle. Timmy their dog had discovered a hidden world! They swung on vines across the forest floor and played happily all morning until...
They bumped into a brown and yellow Burmese python coiled around a tree. Timmy nearly ran away! They tried to make friends with it. But it turned out to be a mean snake. He chased them through the jungle. They ran and ran until they could run no more. They looked behind them and the snake had gone. They ran some more just to be sure. And saw... 
A lion. First they thought he was scary, but actually he turned out to be very friendly. Phew! His name was Lenny and he was the king of the forest. They told Lenny their tale about the scary snake and they wanted to get back to the door to go home. Amazingly, Lenny knew where the door was and told them to jump on his back.
Finally, they were safe. They quickly hopped off Lenny's back and jumped out the door. 'What an adventure!' said Ben.
Emma agreed adding, 'I'm glad we're home.'

by Hugh Gilbert
Aston Clinton School, Aylesbury

Competition - My First Story 2017

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