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Chloe's Space Story

Suddenly Ben and Emma found themselves in glorious space.
Emma said to Ben, 'Hold onto my hand very tight.'
Then Ben grabbed hold of their pet dog.
'Where are we?' said Emma and Ben.
'Look down there,' said Emma.
'There's Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, they are so tiny. I know where we are. We are in deep dark space!' said Ben.
Eventually Ben and Emma landed on the bright, light, white moon.
A curious alien said to himself, 'What are they doing? They are silly they can't catch beautiful bright, white stars.'
All of a sudden a flying saucer came over the top of Emma and Ben. A bright light came and captured them.
Ben said, 'Let's go home now!'
They were very, very confused. They thought that aliens were not real. Ben had lots of questions for the alien.
The alien made friends with Emma and Ben. 'What a lovely nice alien you are,' they said.
Meanwhile a green and spooky, evil and obnoxious monster tried to capture the saucer. Luckily they trapped the mean obnoxious monster.
'What a wonderful time I've had,' said Ben.
Then the alien wanted them off his planet so at last it was time for Ben and Emma to go back to Earth. The alien took them back. They said, 'Thank you very much, this has been an amazing time!'

by Chloe Wilkes
Rykneld Primary School, Burton-On-Trent

Competition - My First Story 2017

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