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One Night I Dreamed Of Wonder World

My room was an ocean, it glistened in the dark,

My bed was a boat, it looked like Noah's Ark,

I looked out of my window and what did I see?

Wonder World staring back at me.

So I sailed in my boat, over the sea,

Until Wonder World was just ahead of me.

As I stepped into Wonder World I shouted, 'Yippee!'

The sun shone like a firework and the clouds were made of candy,

I could hear the chocolate waterfall trickling over the hill,

Snow fell as sugar from a cloudy sky,

I knew it was time to say, 'Bye-bye.'

I climbed in my boat which became my bed,

Was Wonder World real or was it just in my head?

by Liberty Faith Marriage (9)
Sunny Hill Preparatory School - Somerset

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.