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I Had A Dream Last Night...


I had a dream last night,

I was as free as a kite,

I battled a yeti with all my might,

It gave me such a horrendous fright.


I fought a werewolf, wand in hand,

I ventured right into Rowling's land,

I travelled to beaches, sprinkled with sand,

I was even part of the Beatles band!


I had a dream last night,

I was so carefree and light,

I didn't let the dream clouds out of my sight,

I was flying at such an alarming height!


I felt like a prisoner, being set free,

I had a dream, being seen only by me,

I was swung round by the Whomping Willow tree,

I was a circus leader in a great big marquee!


I had a dream last night,

I was warm and wrapped up tight, I had such a sight,

In the morning, I touched down from my flight;

I had a dream last night...

by Ornaigh McGrath Atkinson
SS Peter & Paul RC Primary School - Bristol

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.