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Night Unicorn

Darkness, darkness surrounded me

It was wet, damp and smelt of the sea

I was alone, no one to talk to, I sat and began to cry

Little did I know the Night Unicorn was in the sky.


He zoomed at lightning speed

So fast the air tugged out the weeds

He came to me so fast I couldn't spare another tear

And I was so glad he was here.


I was so happy I jumped on his back

His energy didn't lack

We flew above a mountain peak

Then I heard a sudden creak.


We fell from the sky

Suddenly he couldn't fly

And to our surprise

One million cackling clowns began to rise.

My unicorn, determined to save the day

Blasted every single one away

I stared at him for a while

Then my frown turned into a smile.


My friend the Night Unicorn

I will never forget his scent of popcorn

He said farewell and flew

Then galloped into the night and carried on anew.

by Aimee Fulton (11)
Graveley Primary School - Graveley Primary School

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.