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Last night a fairy came into my house

It was neon orange and as small as a mouse

It hovered, fluttering its wings above my bed,

Was it real? Was I dreaming? Am I alright in my head?


I held out my hand to beckon it over,

But it flew away then crashed into the sofa.

With the cord of the blind wrapped round its wing,

It was trapped and afraid until I cut the string.


The fairy flew around doing loops in the air,

Happy she was free, flying without a care.

She landed on my shoulder, she smiled and said, 'Thank you,

And now it's my turn to do something for you.'


'To repay your kindness in setting me free,

For one whole year, you will have luck and glee.'

When the sun came up and I woke up,

I noticed a sprinkling of a speck of fairy dust in my water cup.

by Margot Gwyer (9)
Chepstow House School - London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.