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The Dream Files

I had this really weird dream last night

And you were there, but it wasn't right

Because it wasn't really actually you -

Although it looked just like you do.

My dreams help me sort through my day,

And take my imagination far, far away.

Sometimes I wake from a nightmare so sweaty and hot

And I am so relieved that it is actually not!

I'm pretty sure I've a guy, maybe a few, in my head,

And he starts to work when I get into my bed.

Flicking through my memory files with speed

Working out what dreams I really need.

Dreams about rugby, about running a race,

About my grandma's house,

But actually it's a different place,

Dreams where I fly and some where I fall,

A superhero trying to answer a call.

Dreams about a chasing snake that's actually a hound,

Mixing up those songs that I've already found.

He must be so busy, filing all the time

But I worry what happens sometimes in that head

of mine.

As I get older I've noticed there are times I

don't dream.

Is this when he's wiping a dream file clean?

And will I continue to lose dreams every year

Until one day my dream files are completely clear?

I don't want to stop going to places in my mind

Exploring the universe and seeing what I find.

So if I drift off to sleep or daydream when you

are there

Please don't think it's because I don't care

I'm making sure the dream file man has a job to do -

Just because my body will get old

Doesn't mean my dreams have to, too!

by Tal Pearson (8)
Tal Pearson - Devon

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.