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My Imagination Land

Unicorns dancing and prancing on a coloured rainbow

Fairies fly in amongst the stars that glow

Chocolate fountains glimmer so bright,

In the shimmering stars that shine tonight.

Candyfloss clouds fill the sky.

As I hope I don't ever say goodbye

French fry forest, candy cane woods and chocolate bar flowers

All sound so deliciously good,

Butterflies with bows

Gumdrop bushes, rows and rows,

Strawberry lace skipping ropes,

With liquorice sweets for goats

Puppies, cats and lots more.

So much I love them all

Magical creatures dance around

All night long on the soft fluffy ground

by Rae Summer Ivy Robinson (10)
Cloudside Junior School - Nottinghamshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.