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The Visit To Horrorland

People dream of happy things like playing on the sand,
But this dream is different, it's called Horrorland!
It is about a girl named Lexi, who makes a visit to some clowns,
With her dog named Candyfloss who is with her through ups and downs.
She went to the hall of mirrors and found a mirror which was a portal,
She went through and met a clown but this clown was immortal!
They went to a circus and met a dog who breathed fire,
And a dangling frog whose job it was to walk the high wire!
Then she heard a squeak,
Then she felt a push,
Then she felt a little shake,
And then she heard a hush!
'She might be dreaming,' said a voice but when she opened her eyes,
She was hanging upside down, high up in the skies!

by Sophie Jones Stapleton (10)
Broom Cottages Primary School - County Durham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.