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Dreamy Dragon

I got into bed to go to sleep,

I buried myself in the blanket deep,

My eyes opened to the sight

Of the sun shining ever so bright.

Suddenly I saw a castle come into view

It was standing up so high and so true

A dragon began to snake around

I couldn't believe what I had found.

'You must help us,' the king said,

I wished I was back in bed

He pressed a bow into my hand

I had to try and save the land

I drew back the bow to get a hit

I don't know why; I wasn't fit

The arrow only skimmed his head

And then it began to fall like lead.

The dragon blew flames that swirled around me

Just fire as far as the eye could see.

Everything around me then went black

And I felt something behind my back

Suddenly, I was back in bed

With pillows for my tired head.

I heard my mum calling me

With a pile of pancakes and some tea!

by Áine Houghton (10)
St Andrew's CE Primary School - Bath

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.