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My Sweet Dream!

I am snug in my bed in my candyfloss sheets

and gently and slowly I drift off to sleep.


As I float down to the marshmallow meadow,

I am met by a sweet old lollipop fellow.

He gives me a smile and a jolly good grin,

'How lovely to meet you, oh please do come in!'

He greets me warmly with a shake of the hand,

'Would you like a tour of this wonderful land?'

He jumps up and runs so light on his heels

to a candy cane carriage with liquorice wheels.

We travel through the forests of chocolate trees

with red toffee apples and green sugar leaves.

As the white chocolate river flows up the mountain,

it ends with an amazing chocolate fountain.

Above me, I see candyfloss clouds

'Oh, how wonderful!' I shout aloud.

The carriage journeys along the sweet road of rock

then suddenly it jolts to an almighty stop.


When I look out of the pear drop windows,

I see the lollipop folk carrying fluffy marshmallow pillows.

As I feel the soft, warm pillow around my head,

faintly I hear my mummy call to me, 'Get out of bed!'

by Violet Farrell (9)
Barnack CE Primary School - Lincolnshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.