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My Country's Full Of Candy

I have a country in my dreams

I go there every night

It's full of all my favourite treats

It's a sugary delight.


My country's full of candy

My house is gingerbread

The mountains are all Toblerone

With an icing sugar head.


The roads are made of Dairy Milk

The fences are all KitKat

The fields are green jelly beans

Where the animals get fat.


The sheep are made of candyfloss

The caves have chocolate bats

The bogs are full of Freddo Frogs

That are chased by sour cats.

The trees grow toffee apples

And sometimes candy canes

The flowers all sprout gobstoppers

That roll along the lanes.


And as morning approaches

I gladly say goodbye

I'm stuffed full to the brim

I guess you can see why!

by Annabelle Emma Jeffery
South Petherwin Community Primary School - Cornwall

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.