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S howers of rain
P lants growing
R ainbows painting the sky
I nsects crawling outside
N ature's blooming blossoms
G reeny greens.

S izzling sunshine
U nder the shades
M uggy days
M aximum fun days out
E xciting mornings
R elaxing at the beach.

A lways windy
U mbrella might be handy
T rees swaying
U p the sky is grey
M onths of September and October
N ot much green leaves.

W hite Christmas around the corner
I n the month of December
N aturally cold as a cucumber
T he snow is falling
E ager to open the presents
R eindeers carrying Santa.

by Akshara Sadasivam (8)
Tubbenden Primary School, Kent

Competition - Out Of This World

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