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The Dreamy Nightmares

My dream is like a river flowing through my mind.

It twists and turns, as sparkles and shadows unwind.

Reflections of the light and dark

From my daytime.

It flows fast and slow,

A deep and shallow shine.

Causing a waterfall of images

To shatter through my sight.

A crazy kaleidoscope

Which sometimes gives me a fright.

Then it all disappears in the end of that nightmare.

And to follow comes a crowd

Of ballerinas twirling through the air.

But don't relax yet, you will like this bit most,

Here come some wicked witches

And a very gruesome ghost.

You might think that's the worst part,

But no, not at all

Because the scariest bit is when my alarm rings

And out of bed I fall!

by Imogen Bowes (9)
Clapham Manor Primary School - London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.