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The Awakening

The treadmill of terror is turning,

All throughout the night,

Engulfed by screams like shattering glass,

Giving me such a fright.


The trees' fingers poke me,

Blades of light tearing the sky,

Rain cascading like tears on cheeks,

I beg to bid goodbye.


Peering through the ebony scene,

Two pools of menace paralyse me,

Trapped by a stalking sinister stench,

Its presence emerging quite hideously.


’Twas taller than the tallest tree,

Blood dripping down its chin,

It bared its poisonous rotten daggers,

Preparing to take me in.

It lunged towards me; death calling my name,

The end was finally coming,

From the clutches of despair, I breathed my last breath,

When I heard the comforting sound of good morning.

by Harry Roberts (11)
Applecroft School - Hertfordshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.