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Margo's Magical Crate

I have a dog, a pug called Margo

who has a peculiar crate,

It sits there empty, until she is naughty,

which she doesn't think is great.


Now a strange thing happened whilst playing around

On a boring January night,

I climbed in the redundant crate for a look inside

and suffered an unnerving fright.


This was no normal place, buttons and dials

with flashing lights on the floor,

eyes like saucers, scanning around,

surely this couldn't be worked by a paw.


Bang, whizz, crack,

it started to shake, I took a sideways glance,

a flash of light, peered out of the door,

there I was in France.

It didn't stop there,

night after night,

so many adventures, I had to explore,

Asia, Africa even Timbuktu,

every time I peeped out of the door.


So there I was, in Miami

sipping a milkshake by the pool,

when a familiar voice broke the silence,

'Honey, it's time to get up for school.'


Sat bolt upright, stretched, rubbing my eyes

I was sitting back in my bed,

confused and dazed by the night adventures

did I create all of this in my head?


Passing the crate a bright light flickered from the door

as I put my bowl in the sink,

I looked back at Margo,

sitting on the sofa who gave me a knowing wink.

by Honey Bain (10)
Chilham St Mary's CE Primary School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.