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Jump out of bed

Walk up to the window

The wind is howling loudly

I'm really scared - oh no!


Open the tall glass doors

Onto the balcony

Whoosh! Comes a dark cloud

Off my feet it sweeps me.


The troubles and worries surround me

Sweeping me through the sky

Then out through the world of black

Comes a beam of light.


Through that beam as bright as the sun

Comes a cloud, the colour snow-white

Comes closer, the dark cloud retreats

And the new one grabs me tight.

We sail away from the sea of troubles

Into the sea of hope,

The stars are shining brightly

So brightly I can hardly cope.


I'm beginning to feel sleepy

I lie my head down to rest

The soft, wispy cloud

Forms itself into a nest.


Fast asleep on its back

The cloud, my home it's found

It lays me down on my bed

Where I sleep safe and sound.

by Tilly Walters (10)
Burley Primary School - Hampshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.