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The Dog Of My Dreams

I dreamt I had a clever dog

That could even read and write

He spoke the English language

With an accent only slight.


I dreamt I had a hairy dog

Coloured brown and white

He ran around the house all day

And slept in the study at night.


I dreamt I had a friendly dog

Who kissed me when I cried

He loved to play with everyone

And wouldn't hurt a fly.


I dreamt I had a cheerful dog,

He always wagged his tail

He was happy playing with us

And made me laugh without fail.

It was the morning of my birthday

When I woke up from my dream

And lying there beside me

Was the puppy I'd foreseen.

by Oscar Morariu (10)
Centre Academy East Anglia - Suffolk

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.