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Stage Fright

Shivers tingled down my spine,

I stood behind the red as blood curtains,

The roaring, bustling chattering of the audience,

Overwhelmed me.


Deep, gloomy hallways ran off left and right,

A hunched, shadowy figure lurked off-stage,

The curtains withdrew,

Leaving my blank face staring out into the crowd.


A dense, glaring mass of judgement transfixed on me,

Anticipating my next move,

The silence deafened me,

The slow, resonant music started and my body began to glide around the stage.


Lost in my own world,

Like I was dancing on the clouds,

Glowing from within, I leapt across the platform,

Each move flowing to the next.

As exquisite as a butterfly,

I entertained the entranced audience,

Poised, I floated across the podium,

I felt as though I was soaring through the air.


Shimmering sequins reflecting light across the theatre,

The tightness of my hair tugged back into a sleek bun,

Rapturous applause sounded as I leapt and twirled,

Tripping suddenly, my body fell through the air.


Darkness was below me as I plummeted downwards,

The spotlight blinding me,

All I could see was a radiant beam,

My arms flailed in the bitter air.


The continuous feeling of falling into nothingness,

Like there was no ground to hit,

Gasps of the horrified audience,

Girls sniggering backstage,

Others rushing around hastily.


My eyes begin to widen,

Realising where I am,

My body collapsed over the soft carpet,

I clamber back to bed.

by Klara Kurasinski (11)
St John's Catholic Junior School - Merseyside

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.