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My Dream Job

What do I want to be?

Well, what could I be?

There are many choices in life, you see

And so many different possibilities.


I could be a teacher,

A wizard of shapes and algebra,

Or a scientist that could nurture,

Young minds about the tundra.


I could be an archaeologist,

Unlocking the secrets of the buried,

About the deadly Romans and Viking arsonists,

Who saw stars as maps to read.


I could be a game designer,

For legendary companies like Nintendo,

Creating inspiring, daring or exciting adventures,

For Pikachu, Link or Mario.

I could be the Pythagoras of the 21st century,

Studying the law of shapes and calculus,

Whilst solving equations mentally,

And thoroughly explaining geometry.


I could start or help charities,

To fight against dreadful Ebola or Cancer,

And to support the war refugees,

And to bring them vital food and water.


So, what do I want to be?

Well, I could be any or all of these,

As long as I can make a difference,

All of these are good for me.

by Safiah Edoo (7)
Dr Triplett's CE Primary School - Middlesex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.