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Elephant, cheetah, penguin, bats
Toucan, whale, hamster, cats
The diversity of animal kind
Is marvellous, brilliant, a wonderful find
Gecko, pandas, wasp, seals
Jellyfish, wolves, moles, eels
Mammals like us walk on land
Whilst insects like scorpions live in deep sand
Owls, tigers, dragonfly, ox
Giraffes, dolphin, monkey, fox
What a vivid display of fur and feather
An assortment of creatures that live together
Humans are part of the animal kingdom
Yet we are the ones who destroy them!
We need to stop and think
Protect the species before they're extinct!

by Poppy Johnson (9)
Cookham Dean CE Primary School, Maidenhead

Competition - Out Of This World

Copyright remains with the author.