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Raptor Attack!

Sat in my stone classroom trying to focus

But getting distracted by my pal Diplodocus.

Tina Triceratops was painting her toes

While Sammy Stegosaurus was having a doze.

The teacher was talking about how the world began

When suddenly she got attacked by a velociraptor gang.

We all screamed, ran and hid - the classroom was a mess.

Then our teacher pulled a power crystal from underneath her desk!

She froze the raptor gang as they stampeded in,

We were all so impressed that we couldn't help but grin.

Our teacher is so awesome with her crazy superpower,

She now has our attention for every classroom hour.

A teacher with the power to keep her class so quiet.

I woke up from my daydream - the class was the usual riot!

by Lexi Halliwell
Crosby-On-Eden CE School - Cumbria

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.