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Candy Land

Where am I and how did I get here?

What is this absurd thing I see near?

A delectable, scrumptious, tasty tree and guess what?

It's made from cotton candy!


Everything in this land is made with sweets,

Lollipop signs and other sorts of treats.

While gummy bears roam free at night

Make sure you don't scream in dread or fright!


Excited and hungry I do feel

Is this land utterly real?

Clouds like marshmallows hover above

But it's the roofs of ice cream that I love.


I open my eyes and rest my head

To find that I am warm in bed.

Sweet dreams are racing through my mind

No better ones that I can find.

by Lily Doherty (10)
Courthouse Junior School - Berkshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.