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If I Was A Witch

I had a dream one evening,

As I tucked myself to bed.

As my memories swished quickly,

I wondered where I'd heard.

A jungle, a palace, or perhaps in my school

Or would I kick my flipflops off and dive into a pool?


I landed with a flip in the sky,

Realising that I was able to fly!

I did a somersault, then a backflip,

Then headed down for a relaxing dip.


Below I saw an amazing sight!

Wizards and witches of every height.

They flew, they walked, they practised spells
And they kept owls and cats in little cells.

But that, I saw, was not all of it.

For standing proudly in a giant pit

Were five tall towers right before me

Something I had to explore, had to see!


I stepped through open doors into a hallway,

My eyes blinded from fake sun rays,

But my eyes still saw a terrifying sight,

Two guards, standing noble, in black and white.


'Stay still,' they said, pointing a finger at me,

This was definitely something I didn't want to see.

I tried avoiding them,

But they zapped my head.

But by then, I was already safe in bed.

by Emily Richard (9)
Clare House Primary School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.