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Eliza's Dream

Stars strewn across the velvety sky,

The moon tucked in by a cloud.

Eliza found in her bed by night,

Tucked away safe and sound.

Night prowled in like a ferocious beast,

Sweeping its dark spell.

Darkness was appealing west to east,

But finally Eliza fell.

She was lying with the sun in her eyes,

Ascending on a cloud.

Angels counting and singing of their prize,

Not a disruption could be found.

But up she flew as angels sang,

‘Powers granted unto thee,

Because Heaven alight, a Christian gang

Has accepted ye!’

As night was drawing to a close,

Eliza flew on high.

The liquid moon sailed past, no one knows,

How or when or why.

Then shone a beckoning light,

As she’d seen before.

For this was the end of the night,

It appeared she was at death’s door…

A gentle stroke of a hand,

Meant she had made her way back.

‘Good morning, dear Eliza,

The land is in your hands now!’ it dared to say.

by Elizabeth Clare Harris (10)
Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary School - Merseyside

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.