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Sapphire Seas



Let me tell you about a journey that I dream of frequently,

Where I'm in a bobbing boat sailing across sparkling, sapphire seas.

The cotton candy clouds float in a graceful way,

Across a sunlit sky on a beautifully calm day.

A kaleidoscope of coloured fish swim quickly by,

As birds of rainbow colours brighten up the sky.

I reach my destination; a secret cave of mine,

Hidden behind rocky shores below the horizon line.

Crystals shine around me, bouncing off the walls,

While dripping icicles form flowing waterfalls.

This is my quiet place, I stretch. I blink. I yawn.

Suddenly, I'm back in my boat sailing towards

the dawn.

A cotton candy cloud is my pillow, softly behind my head,

As for my bobbing boat, it's my comfy, cosy bed.

by Isabella Nash (11)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.