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The Other World

Drifting to sleep under the moonlit sky

The city’s bright lights meet me

As I slowly immerse into another world with a sigh

Wading through the blooms of smoke in front of me.


I cast my eyes upon a never-ending ladder

Swiftly climbing, my thoughts going wild

I make my way up, spiralling like an adder

Finally, I reach on top of the building seeing a child.


He gives me a very sinister look

As I walk over to the balcony to stare

Ignoring the sounds of his metal hook

Slowly taking in the fresh air.


Suddenly, he grabs my hand

He tips me over the railing

I fall helplessly to roughly land

Now my vision is blurred, something is laughing.

I meet myself, the one with devil horns

Smiling at me as I become aware

Of the shards of glass that shoot at me like thorns

I run for my life, making me flare.


Abruptly, I jolt up in my sweaty bed

Realising with an unsteady wheeze

The adventures of the other world I dread

Are an infinite loop of nightmares that never freeze.

by Angela Lin (11)
Valence Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.