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Daring Dream

Today came the day I dreaded for months,

Today I was wholly paralysed with fear

I would know today whether I could do it or not:

Cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope right here.


Thousands of people, all rigid with apprehension,

Sat fretfully on the seats placed around

They were all contemplating the same thing

Would I ever again feel my feet upon this same ground?


The cascading waterfall could be heard everywhere,

Loud and intimidating to me,

Jeopardising my life,

It could engulf me in waves and sea.


Take a deep breath, I tell myself

Trust your experiences, toes

But that same thing... creeping up and up,

Were the falls friends or foes?

Would my face become identifiable?

My role a circus star?

An eminent girl or a showstopper,

My name plastered places far?


Enough brooding,

The show was about to begin.

As Ned, the circus ringmaster, boomed into the hush,

A tingly sensation was settling in.


My one foot's toe skimmed the rope,

And I took one, miniature step.

I felt the rope as part of me,

It all depended on one misstep.


Soon I was walking as though,

I was promenading on a country lane

It was easy, I got the hang of it,

The jumpiness was causing no pain.

by Hibah Iqbal (10)
Acocks Green Primary School - Birmingham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.