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Night Fright

Once there was a spider

And his name was Treacle

He used to go about and scare

Lots of different people


Once a child lay in bed

Dreaming about lots of stars

A spider, as black as night

He wanted to give the child a fright


So he sat on the window sill plotting

Of what in the world he could do

He came up with an idea

When he heard a cow go 'moo'


He swung onto the child's face

And hung down from the ceiling

When the child woke up, he ran downstairs

And then he started screaming

The boy told his mom

That there was a spider in his room

'Don't worry son,' she replied

And then she fetched the broom...

by Zachary Martin (10)
Salcombe Preparatory School - London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.