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Astronaut For A Night

I was lying in bed absorbed in 'Twilight,'

when Mum said, 'Hop into bed, goodnight!'

As I snoozed off, I realised I was floating amongst the stars

'Oh look, in the distance (to my surprise) I can see Mars!'

With my space helmet; pet owl and spacesuit,

we were ready for an adventure. What a hoot!


I met a friendly alien

from just beyond the sun.

He showed me around,

the planet he came from,

skies as bright as the sunset,

grass of royal blue and

thousands of strange spacemen.

Nothing like me or you.

They lived off dirt and soot;

and looked like spotty frogs.

They had three toes with lots of hair.

They dressed in mossy logs,

their drink was crimson red

with yellow froth on top.

What they cooked for breakfast

would snap, crackle and pop!


Suddenly the alarm was ringing;

The dream came to a stop.

Mum was in the kitchen,

Yelling that my breakfast was on the table

Chop, chop...

by Esmé Yarrow (10)
Alban CE Academy - Bedfordshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.