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Chocolate Cake Surprise

One night I had a dream,

Of a cake that looked delumptious,

Hovering at the foot of my bed,

The icing looked quite scrumptious!

And this cake was sprinkled,

Sprinkled with chocolate so scrummy,

It sat there quietly teasing me,

I wanted it in my tummy.


It began to glide towards me,

My eyes grew in anticipation,

And with a cry of yes!

I lunged out in desperation,

But suddenly it fled,

It did not want to stay,

I wanted it so badly,

Yet once more it got away.


The third time, yes the third time,

I actually got quite lucky,

But when I grabbed it, took a bite,

It really tasted yucky!

I opened my eyes, my tired eyes,

And took in the sight they were greeting,

I opened my eyes, and saw with surprise,

My pillow I was eating!

by Benjamin Cambridge (9)
Norwood Primary School - Hampshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.