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The Girl With A Dream

There was a girl who had a dream,

Sitting in her room on a big beam,

Her name was Rose,

Who had a doze,

And off to bed she went.


When she went to bed,

She laid her little head,

And when the dream began,

There's a girl named Fran,

Who was a little fairy.


The fairy said hi,

But others said bye.

But most just looked

But most just cooked

Then they all carried on.

I walked towards the fairy,

Another said, 'Hi I'm Mary',

So I waved my hand,

Suddenly, I heard a band,

Then I started to dance.


Many said, 'Did you have a nice time?'

When somebody was eating a nice juicy lime,

She said, 'Well now it's time to go

But first give this a really big blow,

Then you will be on your way home.'


Then suddenly, I woke up

Then I saw a cup,

I had a really good dream,

When I sat on the beam,

I will be doing it again.

by Rhea Segre (9)
Kings Norton Primary School - West Midlands

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.