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Creatures Of The Night

When happiness crumbles through the moonlight mist

A cursing light will disturb the demons,

awaiting to exist

They will demand the wind to perish your souls

To make your spirits feel like empty holes

They will turn the saints, we hail, to stone

Then eliminate all the ghastly groan

They will turn the wind into a thief - stealing

a candle's smile

Then haunt your room, getting closer each mile

Tucked inside the depths of your bed

Drowning in nerves lay fear and dread

The demons will come to eat you like cannibals

For they are reckless animals

Marked on your door on the last day of winter

Stained in red blood is the word 'Farewell'

from your sinister

When the days become warm

The demons begin to yawn

Slumbering in their secret lair

Hiding from their mighty slayer


The lights go on

You're awake; your slumber gone

You look around in confusion

Was it a dream or an illusion?

by Mahi Mittal (11)
St Albans High School For Girls Primary School - Hertfordshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.