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Emmie's Jungle Story

… a jungle world. They saw green, swishy vines so they all swung on them.

A snake popped up in front of them.

Ben and Emma were extremely terrified of the snake. They ran away from the scary snake.

A lion came to give them a ride to some vines. Ben and Emma swung on the vines while the dog walked in front of Ben and Emma. But they forgot that there was an X marks the spot under the tree, so they dug and dug until they found a treasure chest under the ground.

They opened the chest and found £1000 and a blue, shimmery diamond. They were both very happy, but then a cross pirate shouted, 'Are you taking my money?'

'No!' Ben and Emma filled their pockets with money! They ran away in terror to the magical door in the tree and went home.

They went to a zoo, they saw a rhino and tiger. After the zoo they went back to the tree to go back through the door.

They had a rich life, they got more money from the pirates. The pirates had one more coin left so they spent it on something special!

by Emmie Wall
Langwith Bassett Primary School - Nottinghamshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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