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Our Boat Cuchulain

Out on our little blue motorboat is out of this world for me,
Boating with my family.
All afloat on our motorboat, never at sea,
Always on the river my family.
The water flows, sparkles like exquisite gems,
The magical River Thames.

I look at my reflection, but then I hear a call.
'Get on with your work you've done nothing, nothing at all!'
'OK,' I say, but just then my homework slips
And, 'Whoops,' it's floating in the water, oh the drips!
I scream, I shout, my family wonders what all the fuss is about.

'It's a shame about the book,' I say
But we have all had a lovely day.
Our beautiful, beloved, blue motorboat,
Small but wonderful, our trusty old friend Cuchulain.

by Poppy Psara (9)
St Theresa's RC School, London

Competition - Out Of This World

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