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Lily's Jungle Story

A gloomy, green jungle, where wriggly, emerald vines hung down from the skies. They swung on the vines and flew higher to a nice, sunny spot in the jungle. There they found a red and black python who hissed at them. They were shaking and their heart sank.

'Quick, run!' shouted Emma.

They sprinted until their legs couldn't carry them any further and the snake was in the distance. They were puffing and panting and very tired.

Ben said, 'Phew, that was terrifying!'

Suddenly, a colossal, yellow lion appeared from out of nowhere. He made Ben and Emma jump.

Emma shrieked, 'Argh, lion!'

The lion said, 'I am friendly, you shouldn't be in this dangerous, hot place. Get on my back, I will take you for a ride, where is your home?'

The children told him about the secret, magical and wooden door which was on a rough, broken tree. The children clambered on the lion and Max had an easy leap straight on. They thanked the lion and swung on the emerald, glossy green vines.

They sprang off onto the dusty brown mud and raced towards the magic door to get back home.

by Lily Marshall (7)
High Halstow Primary School - Kent

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.