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I was in a beautiful, gorgeous and lovely garden. Just then I spotted a door... I had seen a bird and a butterfly. The door was slightly open. I was scared though, so I called my friend, Indya. I asked, 'Hi, can you help me?'

Indya answered, 'Yes.' Indya ran as fast as she could, but she fell over on the grass. But she was OK. We both decided to go through.

There was a gorgeous, great big garden. The grass was as green as leaves. Me and Indya were so amazed by the colours of the flowers so we decided to stay and have some fun. I showed Indya how to do a cartwheel but she did not quite get it, because she had never ever really done a cartwheel before. I know Indya tried her best and that made me happy.

Just then me and Indya saw a fairy cry. The little fairy told me and Indya to listen carefully. The little fairy whispered, 'The Evil Queen has taken all the fairy dust and pulled all the beautiful wings off the fairies because she wants to try to fly with millions of fairy wings!'

Me and Indya cried, 'Oh no! We are shocked!'

Me and Indya decided to help, so in the middle of the night, when the Evil Queen was asleep, we sneaked in through the castle gate.

We got all the wings and fairy dust. Me and Indya glued all the wings back onto the fairy.

All the lovely fairies said, 'Thank you,' to me and Indya. But me and Indya thought it was time to go because we did not want to miss tea. So me and Indya promised we would see them again.

by Ava Johanne Lannagan
Scarisbrick Hall School - Lancashire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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