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Ben And Emma's Adventure

One peaceful Saturday morning Emma and Ben decided to go for a stroll in the woods. They set off on their trip with James, the dog. It was a very pleasant day so they went deeper into the woods. Unfortunately James fell but luckily he fell on a gummy leaf. James strangely and bizarrely barked at the tree. How bizarre it was. Then they walked and they spotted a super, sparkly door. They walked and they walked in and...

They turned into fairies and butterflies. After the surprise they went into Candy Land. At first they saw a gummy bear, gummy parrot, gummy snake and gummy person. Then Emma saw the gummy robber and she was shocked. How on earth did the robber get there? In a couple of minutes they saw a hot air balloon. 'How did a troll get into Candy Land?'

Then Emma and Ben saw a gummy lion with a gummy tongue. 'Jump onto my back,' he said. Proudly he guided them through the forest. They saw cheeky chimpanzees, enormous giraffes and slithery snakes.

In the distance they saw a familiar door. After a while they got back home but there was something strange happening on the other side of the door...

by Amethyst Szabo
Dane Royd Junior & Infant School - West Yorkshire

Competition - My First Story 2017

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