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Suha's Magical Story

A beautiful, magical land full of elves and fairies. They looked at each other. Ben had long ears like an elf and Emma had wings like a pretty fairy and the dog, well, he was normal. They walked forward until they found a nice fairy.

'Hello,' she said.

'Who are you?' Ben replied.

'We are humans and we opened this magic door that led us here.'

'Well,' said the fairy, 'let me show you around.'

'This is my friend, Hairy,' she told them.

Emma and Ben smelled him. He was very stinky. He never took a bath.

'Hi,' he said.

The fairy told him, 'These are my friends, Emma and Ben.'

'You look very old,' he said.

Hairy took them to his house. It was so beautiful. It was made of gingerbread and chocolate. It had icing and his windows had different shapes. The chimney was a lollipop!

They decided to have a party to celebrate their friendship. They had colourful balloons, a pretty cake and some nice party hats. They opened some of their presents. Ben got a truck and Emma got a doll.

Emma and Ben said goodbye to their new friends and went back to the magic door.

'We had a wonderful time!' they said together.

by Suha Enosh
Braidbar Primary School - Glasgow

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.