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Brewing A Potion And Waving A Wand

As I walked through the forest one cold winter's night,

I found myself facing two people, oh what a fright!

With pointy, black hats and a long, black robe,

I don't know where I am, whereabouts on the globe.


All of a sudden, they both spotted me,

I was beckoned to follow them, not to my glee,

Through the dark, gloomy night we walked on and on,

At one point I felt my energy was all gone.


We only stopped when we reached a lake

At first I thought we would take a small break,

As I felt my feet fly above the ground,

I still didn't make even the smallest sound.

Just across the lake, right in my view,

I spotted a castle which didn't look new,

We flew over to it at the speed of sound,

At the entrance I felt my feet touch the ground.


In we went and we climbed the stairs,

In a classroom where I got lots of glares,

They gave me a cauldron, a wand and a broom,

Out of the window they went zoom, zoom, zoom.


As I watched others wave their wands,

I waved mine and of it became rather fond,

As I watched others brew a potion

I brewed one which created a commotion.


Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice,

I opened my eyes to my mother's rejoice,

I realised that everything was not as it seemed,

My amazing adventure was something I had dreamed.

by Amelia Hazard (9)
St Mary's CE Primary School - Middlesex

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.