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Out Of This World Poem

I wake up and look to my alarm clock,
It's 1am, I'm slightly in shock.
'What would happen if I looked through the blind?'
So I walk over and see what's behind.

And when I stare through the window what do I see?
Millions of eyes, staring at me.
Then I gasp at the moon and the more I peer,
The more I get enchanted by this glowing silver sphere.

'Argh!' I hear a noise, a sound, a clatter,
I start to get scared, my teeth start to chatter.
Wait a second! Hold the phone!
Relax! It's only someone accident prone.

I yawn, rub my eyes, and lay down my head,
’Cause after all, it's time I went back to bed.

by Holly Grieve (10)
Dalry Primary School, Edinburgh

Competition - Out Of This World

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