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Sometimes I dream that I'm floating in space

And planting a flag on the moon.

I'm hailed as a hero, an inspiration to all

And morning time comes far too soon.


Sometimes I dream that I'm kicking a ball

Up, up into the sky.

Maybe I'll set a new world record

'Cause it went so high!


Sometimes I dream I'm a knight in grey armour

Astride a magnificent white horse.

Galloping far to save damsels in distress

And to battle some dragons, of course!


Sometimes I dream that I'm down underwater

Exploring the ways of the deep.

I immerse myself in this watery world

Until my alarm goes, Beep! Beep!


Sometimes I have a different kind of dream

A nightmare, dark and scary.

The grinning faces that haunt my sleep

Are certainly no fairy!


Most of the time, I don't want to wake up

And see my room's ceiling overhead.

But sometimes, when leering clowns leap and chatter

I'm quite glad for my lovely warm bed!

by Fiona Thet (11)
Oldfield Park Junior School - Bath

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.